Zapier Review: Is Zapier Worth It? Zapier Tutorial

Today I am going to introduce one tool called Zapier. It is a very powerful automation tool. It helps you to automate your task.

Now the question is who can use this tool. It is for everyone like who run any website/blog or e-commerce website, or any entrepreneur.

Why Zapier need to use it?

As I already said Zapier is an automated tool, it will help you to collect data from one location to another location or it will publish. It is a very good tool.

Zapier is a paid or free tool?

In one word, it is a paid tool. But it does a very good job. It did all work automatically mean you don’t need to hire someone to do that stuff. Zapper will automatically do for you.

Zapier is not too much costly. Zapier starter plan comes at a very good price, 20$ per month. The other higher plan also available you can see in the picture.

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IF this tool can do all your jobs at 20$ why you will hire someone and pay him for $ of $ for the same work.

You can try Zapier 14 days of free trial for free.

To use Zapier I need to be a technical person?

No, if you want to use zapier you don’t need to be a technical guy, you can setup zapier very easily.

The Zapier user interface is very easy. To set up this tool you will need only 5 to 10 minutes only.

What Zapier can do for you?

With Zapier you just need to make ‘ZAP’ or you can use already built ‘ZAP’. ZAP setup is too much easy.

Here some example of zapier automation work:

Now imagine you want to automate that if your Facebook page got any new notification and you want to collect this data to your Google spreadsheet. With zapier, you can do it very easily. I will share the tutorial below.

Connect, Facebook Page with Google Sheet By Zapier

  • Step 1 – Login to the Zapier dashboard.

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  • Step 2 – You will see “Connect this app” option, search for the Facebook page. Select “Facebook Pages”.

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  • Step 3 – At the side, you will be able to see the option ‘with this one’. Type there ‘Google sheets’, and select ‘Google Sheets’.

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  • Step 4 – After selecting this thing you need to trigger when Facebook data will be saved in ‘Google Sheets’.To trigger choose what you want to trigger, but for now, I am triggering new notifications. As I want to save new notifications on Google Sheets. Here I am selecting ‘New Notification’.

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  • Step 5 – After selecting the trigger you will be needed to see action where and how data will be saved. Here I am choosing ‘Create spreadsheets’.

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  • Step 6 – Now click on ‘Make a Zap’.

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  • Step 7 – Click On ‘Connect an account’. After adding super with a FB account, click on ‘Save + Continue’.

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  • Step 8 – Now you need to choose your page from where you want to receive notifications. Here I am choosing my page. And select ‘Continue’.

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  • Step 9 – From here choose any one notification type. And click ‘continue’.

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  • Step 10 – Here select how you want to save data on a spreadsheet I am selecting ‘Create spreadsheet’. As I want to create a new sheet to save data. A click continues.

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  • Step 11 – Now you will need to add your Google account with Zapier here I am adding my account. You can add by choosing option to connect an account and after add click on ‘Continue’.

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  • Step 12 – Now give a title of your spreadsheet it will be the spreadsheet name. And click on continue.

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  • Step 13 – Now added you need to test it or you can skip. For test click on ‘Send To Google Sheets’.

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  • Step 14 – Click On Finish.
  • Step 15 – Give the name of your ZAP. And turn on ZAP, and that’s it you have done the setup. Now you can make one more zap by click “Make Another Zap” or you can see you’re this zap Dashboard.

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Done you have successfully added a Facebook Page with Google Sheet. When you receive any new notification it will be saved on your Google spreadsheet.

You can also add your landing page and other things check one time, will love this tool.

My Zapier review

The zapier is an awesome tool I am using it for some days I am loving it. It does all my work automation and reduces my time. Zapier is providing many features at this price point you just need to check out.

I highly recommend you to use this tool to automate your work. Before buying you can use the 14-day trial, then if you like you can buy from zapier.

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In this article, I covered why you need to use Zapier, How zapier can help you, how you can setup zapier, and my review about zapier.

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