8 Steps To Speed Up Your Blog 20x Faster In 5 Minute

Fast load WordPress website ranks faster and gain more views every month…

If you want to speed up your WordPress website/blog, you need to follow these steps I am sharing with you only.

In this article, I am talking about how to boost WordPress site speed every method.

If you do this on your blog, it will help your blog/website SEO.

I am covering why WordPress speed optimization needs. Which thing slows down your WordPress blog/website speed.

Let’s Start

Why WordPress speed optimization important?

he main reason to optimize speed is visitors have no time to wait too much time. That’s the main reason you need to maximize speed. Else user will go back to google and read other blog posts, and you will get a bounce rate. Not only this if maximum visitors click back google will drank you or you will never rank.

Your website speed must be 5-second maximum. One visitor can wait for maximum 5 seconds. So you need to achieve 5 seconds. However, I recommend you to make your website speed 2 seconds max.

If you want to achieve more email subscribers or viewers you need to speed up WordPress load time. As you know, more visitors, more revenue, you can generate.

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How can you check your website current speed?

If you are new in this blogging field, you think your website is OK. However, it is not true, as you visit your site frequently and your browsers like chrome store website cache.

However, any new visitor will visit your WordPress blog for the first time it will take time.

Web site load time also depends on location. Let me give you one example. Imagine your hosted web hosting server in the USA and your visitor will visit your blog/website it will take time, but at the same time, any visitor will visit website form USA website will load fast.

I am sharing with you how you can fix this problem read the whole article to know more.

Now see how you can check your website load time. Here are many tools available, like GTMatrix, Pingdom, etc. Here I am using GTMatrix. All of these are free tools.

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Here you can see my website take 2.5 seconds to load fully.

How much faster you can make your blog that will be best.

How the website slows down?

When you run the test on GTMatrix, it will show you too many errors. Some are technical errors some are hosting mistakes. If you are a beginner in this field and you are not too much familiar with WordPress technical issues, you can face problems, and you will be unable to understand.

However, don’t worry, I am here to help you all the time, if you are facing an issue, please comment down below I will reply to you.

Here are many things what slow downs our website load time. Let me list those points only for you.

  • Too Many Plugins: It is a simple thing that you are adding too many plugins on your website. I know the plugin is easy, but for all staff, you don’t need to add plugins. As plugin has some codes which repeat all time and some codes, make that plugin which makes your website slower. Try to find those plugins which one plugin has too many features, like Jetpack it provides too many features.
  • Bad Plugins: Now you think what is a bad plugin? Right. The bad plugin is that which is poorly coded. What means poorly coded mean which plugin contain unused codes and many more things this is called a bad plugin or unoptimized plugin you need to avoid these plugins.
  • Wrong Website Hosting: wrong website hosting mean which hosting is not optimized for WordPress these types of hosting made slower websites. So you need to avoid these hosts — 5 easy steps to choose a good website hosting.
  • Website page Size: If you check the top screenshot of my blog you saw there is the one option total page size. You need to make your website size below 1MB. If your website size is too large, it will slow down website load time.
  • Too Many Scripts: Too many scripts means you need to use minimum to minimum plugins. If you use too many plugins, it will reduce your website performance. Plugins made with many codes, so you need to minimize plugins. Remove unused plugins. If you are using Adsense scripts too much, it also reduces website load time. So you need to take care of all of these things.

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  • Unused CSS: Themes and website design made with a bunch of CSS. Sometimes developers don’t remove un-used CSS. Unused CSS means which CSS hasn’t used anywhere. You need to remove those CSS this UNused CSS reduce website load time.
  • UN-Optimized Themes/Bad Codded Themes: If you re using poorly coded themes it will reduce your website load time. I will refer you to use Generate Press or Genisis these two themes are fully optimized and well coded.

I guess now you understand how your site is load time is going down. Read the whole post I will share a solution on how you can speed up your WordPress blog/website.

Why do you need to choose a good hosting?

Do you know that hosting is the main thing is this blogging field? So you need to choose an excellent shared hosting if you are new in this blogging field. I recommend you to choose an excellent shared hosting like and. Invest much money in hosting as I already said hosing play central role to speed up your WordPress website.

In shared hosting resource share with other clients, however, if you are new in blogging no means to buy VPS or dedicated server because you will not get visitors at starting.

You can use managed WordPress hosting, managed WordPress hosting speed up your WordPress blog. Managed WordPress hosting provides 5x extra performance. It provides extra security, auto backup, and many more features. But managed WordPress hosts are not cheap they are costly.

I will be recommending you to go with my all blogs hosted on Wewhost. They provide excellent support, and their servers are too much optimized.

WordPress speed optimization plugin

You think that WordPress is very easy and it is too easy, but its coding is not secure. Mean this WordPress code is complicated to mean it retrieve data, insert data, remove data these things work dynamic way. It is a vast level I know you don’t want to know this. However, I need to tell you it will help you to understand.

WordPress is a dynamic system so when a visitor visit the website it takes time to retrieve data from the database and show them to the visitors. That’s why it takes time. However, if I say your site will save on the visitor’s computer already.

Yes, cache did the same thing cache saves your website to the visitor’s computer when first-time visitor visit website, and when the 2nd-time visitor comes to your website it ones like boost.

WordPress provides us with a straightforward option to install plugins. Today we will install one Cache plugin. This caching plugin will speed up WordPress load time. There are many types of cache plugins available, some are free some paid.

You can use these best WordPress speed optimization plugins.

  • WP Rocket: It is a paid plugin, but it provides too many features. It provides too easy UI (User Interface). It has inbuilt Minify JS, Minify CSS, Minify HTML option so you no need to add any 3rdparty plugin for Minify.
  • W3 Total Cache: It is a very cool cache plugin, and it is free. It also comes with too many options it has too many options to customize. However, its interface is not good and it is difficult to set up for you if you are new. W3 Total Cache is best for VPS hosts it does not work well on shared hosting.
  • WP Super Cache: It is also an excellent cache plugin, and it’s also free. I prefer you to use this plugin it works well on shared hosting and a straightforward interface. It will take only 5 minutes to set up this plugin.
    WP Super Cache is the best WordPress speed optimization plugins you can use these plugins. Many more plugins were available. I use WP Rocket for my blog. At least, I used W3 Total Cache but it is tough to handle, and I am a too busy guy, so I switched to WP Rocket.

You can use any of the theme this 3 are most popular and best plugins.

How to optimize an image for WordPress?

You know that images increase your blog post engagement, but it also slows down WordPress website load time. So you need to optimize your image.

You can optimize an image for WordPress by compress theme. You can compress theme very easily in WordPress website. There are many plugins which plugins can do this thing very quickly.

You can also optimize an image for WordPress by adding only one of these plugins.

  • WP SMUSH: WP Smush is one of the most popular images optimize plugin. This plugin automatically compresses your image. It is the Paid plugin, but it has a free version, however it has some limitations on the free version.

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  • Imagify: It is a very good plugin. I personally use this plugin for my this blog. It is also Free and paid version, I use the free version. I recommend you to use this plugin. 

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  • ShortPixel: It is also a very good plugin this plugin free version can compress 100 images per month. You can purchase this plugin to compress unlimited images. 

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Use any of this plugin to optimize an image on WordPress, you just need to use this plugin as image slows down site load time.

Image compress is not the last step to optimize. You need to use a lazy load plugin. With WP Rocket cache plugin it comes inbuilt function or you can use any 3rdparty lazy load plugin. You can use Lazy Load 

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Lazy load plugin load images when a user view that area else images don’t load it helps to increase your speed up WordPress load time.

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Use CDN to boost WordPress site speed

I already mentioned that server and visitor location decrease site load time. To boost WordPress site speed we use CDN. CDN provides the same speed from any geographical location. CDN store main server files to different CDN server statically. 

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You can use CDN of Cloudflare they profile free CDN or you can use your hosting, CDN if they provide for free else you can buy from your hosting provider. Or you can go with premium CDN services like MaxCDN and many more providers available. 

If I say which CDN I use personally, I use a Cloudflare free CDN they work really awesome at free of cost.

Upload videos on 3rd party server

If you are using video in your blog post never upload the video on the main hosting server, it can slow your site speed 80% some time it can down your whole website. So always try to upload any 3rd party server and then embed code and insert into post.

For video, you can use YouTube. YouTube is a very good platform. With YouTube you can also gain traffic I will explain later. 

How to get embed code from YouTube

Find the video on YouTube then click on the share button, then select embed option.

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Now copy the code and paste in your post where you want to show video.

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So I shared all ways to boost WordPress site speed, now your time to implement to your website and boost your WordPressress site speed. 

If this article helped you anywhere, please share it with your friend. And if you are facing any issue, please comment down below. 

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Also share suggestions in the comment section too. And join my Facebook Group – It is Totally Free.

Now comment which thing you will do first? You will optimize an image or add CDN or something else.

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