Micro Niche Blog: Start Money Making Blog (Step By Step)

Hello, guys welcome to the one more blog post. Today I am going to share with you about Micro Niche Blog. It is a step by step guide on how you can start a micro niche blog and rank that blog and generate a good amount of money.

If you are first hared about micro niche blogging or you don’t know the concept read this post carefully as I am gone a share many things and some secret tips about micro-niche with you.

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What is micro-niche?

Before knowing what is micro-niche you need to know what is niche and how it is related to blogging.

A micro niche is a very small part of the whole market. Now you will ask me what is the market? the market is this like Health, Technology this is market.

The market is huge mean it has different topics different niches. And it is very competitive hard to rank website easily.

We can’t blog about any market as it is difficult already said.

Now we need to find a niche but before chose niche, we need to choose the market. Let’s imagine I chose the technology market and my niche is the Smartphone blog.

The smartphone is a niche. Niche websites are not too hard not the too easy mean medium.

Now we will choose Micro Niche after selecting a niche I will choose a micro-niche based on competition. But all the time the competition doesn’t make a quality article.

It means if you are not interested in that niche you will never write any good article or you will leave blogging so always chose your interested micro-niche.

So here I have chosen a Samsung smartphone. Samsung smartphone is the micro-niche.

Micro niche has very low competition and easy to rank article and generate income as your blog is about one particular topic.

I think now you got it what is micro-niche.

Why do we need to start a micro niche blog?

The big reason is you need to start a micro niche is it is very easy to rank and generate a good amount of revenue.

You can rank any article within 1 to 2 months in the micro-niche as you will write a fully targeted topic. Don’t worry I am going to explain how to research keyword for your microblog.

As you are my blog reader so I am offering you this trial free of cost.
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In a micro-niche blog, we will target low competition keywords and which have below 1000 per month visit.

So it will rank fast and you will generate a huge amount of money from Micro niche affiliate blog. Ya, I will teach you how you can do affiliate in this micro-niche blog. And how you can earn 2X of Adsense money.

In a micro-niche, conversion rates are high where the niche conversion rate is low but high visitors. We need affiliate conversions without reaching too many people means we need a targeted audience.

With a micro-niche, you can target the proper audience and increase your affiliate sells.

How to choose a profitable micro-niche?

Choosing a profitable niche is very easy. It will take 1-2 hours maximum.

The first thing your all interest and write on a notepad or a paper. Then think about which interest you like most and you can’t leave without doing that.

After selecting interest we need to check where that interest belongs, mean you have an interest in computer. Now the computer stands in the Technology market now you need to find computer micro niche like desktop computer motherboard is the one micro-niche.

Niche diagram
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Now you need to check competition and need to check that you have enough affiliate products to promote. As you will make money through affiliate.

If you have enough affiliate products and low competition you can choose that micro-niche.

This is looking too easy but you need to give some time to select a proper profitable micro-niche. So select a niche with a cold mind that doesn’t rush to find a niche.

Plan your micro-niche blog

Now you are thinking what is micro-niche blog plan right? IT means how you will start your micro-niche profitable blog. Which will generate a good amount of revenue?

As I already told micro-niche blogs conversion rates are very high. So we need to plan everything properly.

Let’s start. After choosing a niche to think about a good brandable name if possible include a micro-niche name. Including niche name in your blog name is not necessary or neither no rule, It helps little in terms of SEO.

Try to choose unique names but easy to remember and easy to spell. After think name write it on a note pad or a page. Find a minimum of 5 brandable blog names.

I will tell you later why you need to find 5 names.

Before buy domain hosting thinks some topics for your blog post and writes it down, don’t worry I will share how to write an affiliate article for your blog.

This is the starting plan after bought all domains and all you need to think about how you will promote mean through FB, Twitter or Quora.

This is the practical guide for about how you need to plan a blog. And write everything on a notepad or a notebook(I always use and refer you to).

How to set up your microblog with WordPress

When you are building a blog to building a blog you will need a domain, hosting and theme.

But don’t worry I will help you to choose the best domain and domain provider also best hosting at the good price point. To buy a domain and hosting you need some money. This is one type of investment.

You don’t need to invest much. Just read all the steps I will share from where you will buy hosting and all.

How to choose blog domain

Now time to choose a domain name. Above I said you to find 5 micro niche blog names right? Now check those names on the domain provider website. To purchase a domain you can use GoDaddy or Bigrock. Personally, I use GoDaddy.

Micro Niche Blog: Start Money Making Blog (Step By Step) 1
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After visiting the GoDaddy home page you will see “Find perfect domain” type your domain and click on Search Domain. If you got any of that names to buy instant.

Now you have your brandable domain name.

How to choose good hosting for a blog?

Now you will need a good hosting where you will store all your micro niche blog data mean articles, Images, and everything.

Choosing to host is a little difficult for you if you are a newbie. If you are experienced then you already know how to choose good hosting and why you need to choose good hosting.

If you ask me good reliable hosting I will suggest these hostings.

This is a trusted and high-speed hosting provider. Personally, I use Wewhost. All of my blogs are running on Wewhost.

Install theme, plugin and customize a blog

After purchasing hosting next you need to install WordPress. You can WordPress by just a single click from C-Panel, all these hosting offers C-Panel.

When your WordPress installation will be done you will need to choose a good theme you can buy paid themes like Generatepress or Genesis.

 generatepress genesis
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These two themes are very popular and lite and fastest theme ever I personally use Generatepress for all of my blogs.

If you don’t have the budget to buy paid themes you can use a free theme like Generatepress. Yes, Generatepress has a free version too. Using free theme is ok but don’t use NULLED or Cracked themes.

After installing your theme next you need to install some plugins. Which will help you to customize and manage your blog?

First, install one good cache plugin like WP Rocket, but it is a paid cache plugin. Cache plugin will help you to increase your blog speed.

In the market some free cache plugins also available. W3Total Cache, WPSuper Cache these 2 are very popular cache plugins. At last, I use WP Super Cache it is a really awesome plugin for newbies you nest need to tick some box and ready to go.

After installing cache plugin use these must-have WordPress plugins for your this micro-niche affiliate blog.

Write content and promote content

Writing content for your microblog is a very important thing. In a micro-niche blog, you will write product reviews or create list posts. List posts and review articles conversion rates are very high.

Before start writing, you need to do keyword research. You can research keywords by using SEMrush or Ubersuggest.

As you are my blog reader so I am offering you this trial free of cost.
Click here to sign up for a free trial of SEMrush to search your affiliate keywords.

In a micro-niche blog, you need to choose medium to low competition long-tail keywords and have a minimum of 1000 monthly visitors. Why did I say long-tail keywords? As long-tail keywords drive targeted traffic and highly convertible traffic.

After finding keywords now time to write an article for your micro-niche blog. Always use the Main keyword in Meta Title, Meta description and try to include LSI keywords in the description and 2-3 times in the content.

Include keywords naturally don’t do keyword stuffing.

We when we are writing review or list post article never force reader to buy that product just share about that product by the creative way that user will like the product and buy.

This is called “SELLING WITHOUT SELLING“. This method is invented by Ankit Singla.

After finishing writing now time to drive traffic to your affiliate microblog. For driving traffic you can use Quora, Pinterest, Facebook.

Quora is a very good platform to drive quality traffic. You just need to answer questions and insert your link. It does not mean you will spam. If you do spam Quora will ban you. Get massive traffic from Quora.

To drive traffic from Pinterest you need to do some smart work. Quick Pinterest tip, upload daily 4-5 pin and save 4-5 pin daily and build different boards.

For building a pin, you can use free tools like Canva. If you know photoshop you can use photoshop personally I use photoshop.

And write your microblog keyword on your Pinterest user name and about area.

soumyadip dutta pinterest profile
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Like I used keywords in profile.

I think now you understood Pinterest Quick tip it is very helpful to drive traffic.

Monetize your micro-niche blog

Now time to monetize our microblog. We are going to used Affiliate Marketing I shared all processes in this article already how you can do Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is much more profitable than Google Adsense. Still, if you want to use Adsense you can use it.

With Affiliate You can earn too much money. And think about the monetizing blog from day one.

I think your blog monetization related issues are now solved. If you still have quarry please comment down below.

Final Words

In this article, I shared Step By Step detailed guide on how you can start a profitable micro-niche blog. In my opinion, you can rank and start earning from a micro-niche blog very easily.

If you face any issue comment down below or contact me via email or Massage me on Instagram I will help you for sure.

At last, if this article helped you anyhow don’t forget to share this article with your friends. It will motivate me to write more useful guides like this.

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