Interview With Santanu Debnath From BloggingJOY.Com [RMIS-01]

Today I am going to interview with Santanu Debnath. He is the founder of BloggingJOY.com. Where he shares blogging, affiliate marketing, WordPress related articles.

He is a very genius blogger. Today I am going to ask him some questions. I will also try to reveal some of his secrets.

If you want to know those secrets you can continue reading.

Let’s Start interview with Santanu Debnath.

Tell about you and what you offer in your blogging joy blog? (Introduction)

Thank you, buddy, for giving me this opportunity to feature my story in your blog.

Friends, I am Santanu Debnath, a passionate Blogger & WordPress lover. Professionally I am a software engineer, but my passion for Blogging & exploring more about affiliate marketing gave birth to BloggingJOY.com.

I have started this blog to help people how to blog and be a better blogger. Blogging is one of the most popular ways to generate income these days. But a majority of the bloggers fail to do it properly as they don’t know how blogging works in real-time.

Besides that, I have started a YouTube channel to share useful WordPress tutorials and my blogging knowledge. You can check out a few of the videos here.

Why did you start BloggingJoy?

I have 10+ years of experience in blogging and have built multiple blogs. Through BloggingJOY.com, I am trying to share all my knowledge about starting a blog from scratch and how to grow it to get quality traffic.

Blogging is no more just a hobby. It has become a full-time earning source for many people these days. That’s why a lot of people want to start a career as a blogger. In fact, this is a great way to build a side hustle or passive income source as well.

But time has changed and competition has been increased. That’s why it is quite difficult now to make a blog successful if you are not aware of what are the things that actually work in blogging.

With my blog BloggingJOY.com, this is what I am trying to do to help a beginner to kick start his/her blogging journey. I have also started a Facebook group, where I regularly share useful stuff, help & motivate people to stay active in blogging.

What do you think about blogging as a career?

Blogging as a career in 2019 is really cool. Back in 2008-2009 when I started blogging, it was mostly considered something like a hobby or a passive income source. But with time, it is now one of the most popular online businesses.

Yes, blogging is a business now if you know how to do it professionally. There are many bloggers and young entrepreneurs who are making huge money through blogging & affiliate marketing.

But people must change their perception about blogging. If you can take Blogging seriously like any other degree in the country, E.g. Doctor, Engineering, etc. then you will definitely shine as a blogger.

Recently I have started meeting bloggers personally and got amazed to meet some awesome bloggers, who are very young in age but making huge money from their different blogs.

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How you maintain your time as you do a job too?

If you love something to the extent of being crazy, then you will definitely find time for that. I believe that. And that is why I always give value to every single second in my daily life.

My mind always thinks about the next topic I have to write on, what is going on around in my niche or WordPress arena and I should not miss single information about that. That’s why I follow a lot of blogs in my niche and read continuously.

Weekdays are always too tough for me to do any blogging related task, as I have to go for my regular job as well. So, I mostly read & do the planning on those days.

Weekends are my most favorite as I can write and do other tasks things peacefully. Definitely without compromising my personal life & priorities.

Besides that, I have a very supportive family. My wife Manidipa is also into Digital marketing field and she always supports me with proofreading, editing, on-page SEO, blog maintenance, etc. We both pursue a similar interest in blogging and that’s a huge plus point for me to stay motivated in blogging and manage my time perfectly 🙂

From when you are doing blogging and how blogging changed your life?

Well, I got into the world of blogging since 2009, while exploring different ways to make money online. Actually, I started a few years back and then spend a few years casually to explore these methods.

After that, I & Manidipa started a recipe blog and enjoyed a few years from 2009. In 2012, I started blogging seriously after realizing the potential of Google AdSense. We have started a new multi-niche blog MyDailyLifeTips.com and used to post articles mainly on personal finance & other useful news.

From then on, I have started exploring many other bloggers. The more I read about their journies and success stories I learned more day by day. When I got into affiliate marketing, I realized the real potential of blogging and that has changed my perception towards blogging.

After that, I have created a few affiliate websites, which was regularly able to give me a good extra income source besides my job.

What is the hardest part of blogging and how you defend all issues?

The hardest part of blogging is consistency and keeping up with the latest trends. Blogging is all about sharing useful information to the audience.

First of all, building the right audience is a tough challenge and even if you build it, if you are not able to share regular updates with them then you will lose their trust too.

Another important thing in blogging is your knowledge about different things like SEO, WordPress, designing, etc. You have to learn these skills and continuously upgrade with time as they keep on changing.

So, one has to be consistent and upgrade the necessary skills related to the field regularly to be active in blogging.

To overcome these 2 things, I have started focusing on building an audience and started communicating with them regularly through my FB group. I have also started meeting people personally to explore their blogging journey and learn different things from their experiences.

Share some strategies about your affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science, but if you don’t do it with the necessary knowledge then one can’t get any success in it.

As a beginner, one must put enough time to read more about affiliate marketing. Few of the key strategies I can share here.

  • Build an audience if you have a website. Try to stick a specific niche, multi-niche blogs are tough to engage with readers.
  • You have to find out suitable products as per your blogging niche. There are many products and affiliate networks available, just learn to pick the right product.
  • Learn more about intent based search terms. We all know the importance of keyword research, but very few people go in-depth and read further about search intent. Affiliate marketing is all about understanding what kind of terms users are searching to buy that product.
  • There are various ways one can get sales from affiliate marketing like through content marketing, by creating a sales funnel, through FB ads, running PPC campaigns, etc. You have to find out your interest & strength.
  • You have to learn to create attractive landing pages, deal pages to attract more sales.
  • You can also connect with the product owners to get some special discount or promotional offers for your readers.
  • Don’t focus on multiple products or recommend more than 1-2 products without using them. This may confuse your readers to choose the right product.

How much revenue do you generate from blogging joy?

BloggingJOY is quite a new blog in terms of activity. Although I have started this website 2 years back, actively executing my plans from December 2018 only.

My major earning from BloggingJOy is through affiliate marketing and a few sponsored promotions. So, far it is not yet reached up to a satisfactory level, but I am continuously working on that and hope this blog will deliver as expected in the next 1-2 years duration.

How you got your first affiliate to sell? And how you get your affiliate sells?

As I said earlier, I got into affiliate marketing after following a lot of bloggers for quite some time. That means I have started dedicated websites to share different products.

I mostly wrote product reviews, comparisons, deal pages and ranked them on top of Google search. Ranking on top matters a lot in affiliate marketing, as organic traffic is the major source through which one can get a good number of affiliate sales.

I got very good sales from different products on the ShareASale network. This is one of my favorite affiliate networks where one can find many quality products related to WordPress, Blogging & marketing niche.

How anyone can start a blog and how they can generate good revenue?

Starting a blog in 2019 is very easy. You will find tons of guides available for free to learn the process. If you want a proven process, then follow this guide that I have prepared.

Starting a blog may be an easy thing, but building a quality website which can generate income is a time taking process. The reason is obvious, making money is not easy. You have to put up some efforts before that.

Here are a few steps one can follow as a beginner.

  • Choose a profitable niche first. Spend as much time as you can before deciding about the blog. You have to find out a profitable niche to make money online. E.g. finance, health, fitness are few of the profitable niches.
  • Even if you found a niche, you have to do a lot of research and narrow down the niche to find out whether that topic has enough potential to bring traffic and earn money.
  • As soon as you are done with that, you can choose a domain and hosting. Although you can start a blog for free, it is advisable to start with a self-hosted WordPress blog. WordPress has a lot of awesome features to create a professional design. You can look at my blog.
  • You have to learn various skills to be a better blogger. Creating content is a very crucial part of blogging. Although you can hire a writer and publish content, if you want authority in the long term you have to master the skills of writing. I write a lot daily on my blog, Quora, Facebook group wherever possible. That’s how I have improved my skills and ability to add a personal touch in my writing.
  • After that, the toughest thing is to bring traffic to your blog. There are a lot of ways one can promote a blog post. I can’t be able to explain everything here. Just to name a few – promote your blog post, build backlinks through different ways, update your articles regularly, connect with bloggers to build a network, etc.

Before you apply any kind of monetization technique, you must build a quality blog. After that, there are various ways you can generate income from your blog.

I have tried different ways so far including Google AdSense, affiliate marketing & sponsored posts. Among them, affiliate marketing is the best way to get good income through targeted traffic.

To make a decent income from a blog, you have to give at least 1-2 years continuously, be consistent and build authority on that niche.

For keyword research which tools you use?

There are a couple of ways you can find good keywords to write your next blog post.

According to me, the best way to find out the next blog post topic is by analyzing your competitors. I found SEMrush as the best keyword research tool for that. I generally research my competitors and try to find out keywords from their high traffic articles.

Besides that, I also look for the latest updates in the WordPress community and try to write articles on the burning topics. E.g. I have published an article about Social Warfare alternatives, after the major cyber attack on that plugin.

If you are running a news site or technology blog where every day lots of content is required, there you can keep a track of big sites in your niche and post every single update about that product. For this kind of websites, keyword research strategy is a little different.

What changes we will see in the future in Blogging Joy?

BloggingJOY was started with a single aim to provide useful content for the beginners. I write articles to help newbie bloggers to set up their blog, resolve everyday blogging issues, etc.

With time, I want to publish more useful content related to WordPress, Blogging, SEO and similar topics. Next year, I am planning a lot of content for this website.

In terms of traffic how you increase your blog traffic? Share some practical strategies with our readers.

After re-structuring this blog in December 2018, till date I found tremendous growth in traffic for BloggingJOY. And it’s mostly through organic, returning users and social media.

Some of the methods that I have applied to get such traffic spike are

  • I write mostly on long tail keywords with low competition which is helping me to get targeted traffic.
  • I regularly publish articles on my blog. Weekly at least 2-3 articles and then update old blog posts with new updates. This way I am getting the trust of Google.
  • My articles are getting huge shares on social media and that’s how they have been reaching to more audiences in the last few months.
  • I am gradually building backlinks through guest blogging, blog commenting, forum commenting, by creating profile links, etc. and that is helping me to increase my website authority. This way my rankings are improving day by day.
  • I am writing on Quora regularly and answer questions related to my blog niche. This way I am able to get quality & targeted referral traffic from Quora as well.
  • I am quite active on social media, especially on Facebook. And that’s why I got many interviews and invitations for round-up posts, etc. This way I have created an audience who are regularly following the blog for more updates.

These are the exact steps I have followed and worked for me to grow my blog traffic.

How our readers can connect with you?

I run a Facebook group named The Blogger’s Team. Anyone can ask anything there. Besides that, one can connect with me through my contact us page or ping me on Facebook as well. I always try to respond as early as possible to help.

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