Top 10 Google Ranking Factors For 2020

Search engine optimization is extremely dynamic nowadays if you want to rank your website on the top search engine you need to follow the Google factors that will help to rank better.

You need to optimize your website properly & also fix all the issues which are present on your website. It will help you to increase traffic on your website & also improve SERP ranking.

10 Google Ranking Factors that Increase Site Ranking Immediately

In this post, I’ll cover Top 10 Google ranking algorithms for 2020 which will help you to grow traffic on your business website and blog.

  • Content Marketing

Content is the king, High-quality content will provide you with a high ranking on search engines.

Quality content always provides real value to your customers & users. Always optimize high-quality content using high search volume keywords it will help to increase users on your website. For content marketing use Google Semantic search it will help to optimize your website & also provide you related search keywords. You can use these semantic queries to understand the keywords better for your website.

Always remember that Quality content beats quantity content so focus on high-quality content on your website.

  • Quality Backlinks

Always create Do-follow backlinks for your website it will help Google to understand & also provide a signal to search engines & give you high traffic on your website. For creating backlinks always use the high search volume keywords on your content & create quality backlinks on High DA sites. If you want to create high-quality backlinks on your site then you can also check Chaska digital that provide the best SEO services in Bangalore that will help to rank better & improve your visibility on Google search engines.

  • Page Speed Optimization

In November 2016 Google announced mobile-first indexing, which means lots of website’s compatibility directly affects its search results. Nowadays more than 80% of users are using mobile to search for anything online. Slow websites take too much time to load and perform, it will hurt your user experience and decrease ranking in search engines. If you want to generate more leads and revenue from your site, you need to optimize your site speed.

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  • Voice Search

Nowadays 2020 voice search plays a key role to rank your website. According to Google ranking factors, almost 70% of people are using voice search. Users have activated the voice search part on their mobile search devices. It will help to reduce their time & also improve user experience.

If you want to rank & you want to beat your competitor so optimize your website with voice search it will help to rank better on search engines.

  • User Experience

User Experience has an impact on SEO. More than 45% of users first search & analyze the website using their design & experience. If your website content & design is not attractive lots of users won’t visit on your website. It will impact your bounce rate & ranking too.

  • Master On-Page Optimization

On the page, SEO plays a major role in ranking your website. Google gives importance to those websites whose page is prosperity optimized. You need to focus on major things that will help to increase traffic on your website.

Here are the few important on-page Google Ranking factors you need to remember:

  1. Website URL
  2. Https
  3. H1 & H2 Tags
  4. Internal Links
  5. XML
  6. txt
  7. Schema Code
  8. Canonicalization URL
  9. Page speed
  10. Broken links & 404 Errors
  11. Image alt Text using Keywords
  12. Meta Title
  13. Meta Description
  14. High-Quality Content
  15. Plagiarism Free website

If you optimize this on-page suggestion then definitely your website will rank on google search engines. It will also improve brand visibility & improve keyword ranking on search engines.

  • DA & PA of the Website

Domain authority & page authority also plays a key role to rank your website on search engines. If your website DA is high & you have published the high-quality content on your website it will help to rank better on search engines. Google is giving priority to high DA sites & quality content. Exact match domains still carry a lot of weight to rank. New domains always take time to rank on search engines so create quality backlinks & increase the DA of your website.

  • Schema Code

Schema code is also a hidden component to rank your website, it gives information to search engines for your website & content. If you don’t know how to rank fast on google search engines & beat your local competitor’s schema play a major role to rank your website. Schema markup helps search engines to understand the text such as an address, website URL, description of the website, phone number, google map location, etc.

  • Brand Power & Social Signals

If lots of users are searching your website it will give an indication to search engines about your website & brand. We have noticed when lots of users come through your website from Facebook, Reddit,  Twitter, Youtube, etc. it will help to improve your search rankings. It will help you to increase your brand value & visibility online & also create an online presence.

  • Internal Links & Structure

Internal links help users & search engines to find better results on the website. Internal links improve the crawling & indexing on your website. Here are the few internal linking structures you should need to optimize for your website.

  1. Canonical URL
  2. Roadmap around specific content topics
  3. User experience website content
  4. Unique & Fresh content on the website


Here are the top 10 Google factors that will help you to grow your website & increase traffic on your website these strategies will provide you with a big impact on 2020. If you properly optimize these factors definitely your website will rank on search engines in a few days & also you can beat your competitors Online.

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