Step by Step Guide to Connect Gravity Forms to Google Sheets

Google Sheet is one of the most secure places to save any data or file, and we can get access to it anywhere in the world.

I know you are using the Gravity Contact form on your WordPress site, and looking for the best and easiest way to save your Gravity forms entries to Google Sheets.

In this post, I am going to share with you one of the most popular WordPress plugins, which will help you to save contact entries in Google Sheets automatically.

Connect Gravity Forms with Google Sheets

Once you successfully set up the Gravity Form plugin in your WordPress site, after that, you need to install GSheet Connector for Gravity forms plugin.

Definitely, GSheet Connector plugin is a premium plugin, it will cost you $29 per year. According to me $29 is worth that plugin.

Let me show you a step by step process to buy and install a plugin.

Step by Step to purchase GSheet Connector Gravity forms Plugin!

1) Grab GSheet Connector plugin at Discounted Price

Click on this link to go Gsheet Plugin, there use this ***** coupon code for discount.

Connect Gravity Forms to Google Sheets
  • Save

2) Fill Out Personal Information and Create Account

Here, you need to fill out your personal information and create your account there.

create account
  • Save

3) Confirm Payment on Paypal

Once you create your account it will redirect you to Paypal payment option. Confirm your payment there.

paypal screenshot
  • Save

4) Download GSheet Connector plugin from your Account

After payment confirmation, you will redirect to the confirmation page. There you can download your GSheet Connector premium plugin of Gravity forms.

#thank you page#

Congratulations, you bought the best Gravity forms addon.

Now I am going to teach you how to connect GSheet Connector plugin with Gravity Contact Forms.

How to Connect Gravity Forms With Google Sheets?

Hitler, I am going to guide you on how to install and activate GSheet Plugin in WordPress site.

Install GSheet Connector Plugin in WordPress

First of all install plugin in the WordPress via plugin dashboard. Once the plugin is installed successfully, after that, you need to enter the activation key to activate the plugin.

Grab activation key from your Gsheet Connector account and plugin to activation section.

  • Save

Click on the Save button to activate and save the key in the plugin.

Step by Step Integration Process of GSheet Plugin with Google Sheet

Now you can see, integration and form setting tabs automatically appear next to the activation tab.

Go to the integration tab and authenticate Google Sheets and Gravity Forms with each other.

1) Click on Get Code Button

For the starting authentication process, click on the GET CODE button.

  • Save

2) Allow Google to authenticate your Google Sheet via a plugin

Without our permission, Google can’t access our Google Sheets, so here we have to give permission to Google as well Gsheet Connector plugin to get access to Google Sheets.

3) Grab the Authentication Code and Plugin into Google Access Code Box

Code that code and paste into Google Access code box. After that, click on the Save button to complete the authentication process.

Connect Gravity Forms to Google Sheets
  • Save

4) Click on Fetch Button to Fetch all the Google Sheets

Below the authentication section, you will get the Sheet fetch option, there you will get a clickable link on Click here anchor text. Click on that link and fetch all the Google Sheet in GSheet Connector Gravity plugin.

click here link
  • Save

If you have too many Google sheets in your Google Drive account, then it will take the endless time that’s obvious. 

Now we are going to connect the contact form with a spreadsheet.

Connect Gravity Forms to Google Sheets

1) Choose Selected Contact Forms

Go to the Gravity Forms settings. Hover the mouse over the setting option. When you hover the mouse there, the sub-setting option appears automatically.

Click on the last option, which is Google Sheet.

Connect Gravity Forms to Google Sheets
  • Save

2) Add new GoogleSheet Feed

Click on the Add New button to create a New feed.

add new
  • Save

3) Choose the right Google Sheets

Once you create a new feed, now you have to select the right Google Sheets, where do you want to save this contact form entries.

Connect Gravity Forms to Google Sheets
  • Save

If your google sheets are not in that drop-down option, re-fetch all the sheets by clicking on the Click Here link.

4) Map Your Contact Forms Field

Here you need to select all those fields, which you have selected in your Gravity Contact Forms.

  • Save

Click on the Update button to save all settings.

When you update this feed, after that, in your selected sheets this option will be saved as the header of the sheet.

You do not need to add heading manually.

Still, you don’t grab GSheet Plugin yet? Click on this link to buy Gravity Forms to Google Sheet Connector plugin.

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