Add Email Subscription In Blogger Step-By-Step (2020)

If you are running any blog you need to capture visitors email. To capture visitors email there are too many tools available on the internet. Today I will show you an easy and optimal way to add email subscription in blogger. 

With this tool, you can add email popup or email subscription very easily. Also, you can view all emails by a few clicks. 

Here I will use Hello Bar email tool, to add email subscription in blogger. Hello Bar offers 2000 subscription for free. As per my experience, 2000 email is enough for any new blogger. 

If you want to add a subscription in blogger you don’t need to know coding/programming. Anyone can add Hello Bar very easily.

Let’s see how you can add email subscription for your blogger blog.

Create an account in the Hello Bar website

Create an account by click here. You can create an account by email or google plus.

  • Save

I will refer you to signup using email not google plus as Google is shutting down. 

Design Subscription Box

After Sign Up, you will able to see this type of selection from where you can select your campaign type. Here I choose “Grow Email List”.

  • Save

If you want to run any other campaign you can choose from there.

Next, you will able to see an option which type of-subscription box you want, choose as per your requirements. Here I chose “Slider”.

  • Save

Now time to design your subscription box. It is very easy with the hello bar. You can get the ready-made template. You can use those template or you can design own.

Read This Article

  • Save

Now all after doing design click on save and publish.

All done now you just need to install this subscription box to your blogger blog.

Install Subscription Box To Blogger Blog

Here you will able to see too many options, there is one option called “I can install code myself” click on it.

  • Save

And you will able to see one small HTML script. Copy that script, and go to your blogger dashboard.

Go to blogger Theme section and click on edit HTML.

Come to the last of your HTML script. You will able to see this HTML tags “</body>”.

  • Save

Now pest that Hello Bar copied code before </body> tag. and save the theme.

Check your blogger blog and you will see that subscription box is now added to your blogger blog.

  • Save


In this post, I shared step by step guide how to add email subscription and email popup in blogger using Hello Bar. If you are using a blogger this blog post is only for you. 

I hope this post helped you. If you liked this post, please do share it with your friends. 

If you have any query or any suggestion do comment down below I will help you out.

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6 thoughts on “Add Email Subscription In Blogger Step-By-Step (2020)”

  1. hello Soumyadip,
    your write great article on Email collection for blogsport blogger,
    i am personally use hello bar few times ago after then i got buzzsumo email collection and buzzsumo 10x better then hello bar so you have to published article on buzzsumo for your website viewers, buzzsumo article is definitely very helpful for your readers.
    anyway you published great stuff keep it up.

    • Thank you liked this post.
      I guess you are talking about sumo as buzzsumo is a tool which shows article shares and all. Hello bar is a lite and very fast so I wrote about it I will try to include more good topics for bloggers.

      Thank You
      Soumyadip Dutta


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