About Me


I am Soumyadip,

In this blog, I help peoples to by my blogging and money making blog posts.

I am doing blogging for 2 years. Frankly, I am not earning too much money as I wasted too much time on some blogs because at that time I don’t know to blog properly.

But I never give up I just try and try. Now I am getting enough traffic as per the new blog.

In these 2 years, I learned many things about blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing.

I guess I will be able to help you in your blog by my blog posts.

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Now I am the founder of RankMong brand. Recently I just made my youtube channel. I guess you would like. You can visit my Youtube Channel By Click Here.

I seek to share all the things I have learned in the past decade and hopefully learn a lot more along the way.